Feeling off-balanced, burned out, or disconnected? Intuitive Energy Wellness assists in balancing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being using the body's natural electricity or "biofield". Biofield therapy is classified by the National Institutes of Health as a nursing intervention used to address the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association's diagnosis of an “Imbalanced Energy Field.”  

Meet Ann Scott, a professional who is certified in both electrical and biofield energy with over 15 years of experience and accreditations. She is an international advisor, keynote speaker and a thought leader in electrical and human energy who led efforts in creating the world’s largest solar-powered community. In addition to traditional higher education, Ann is a certified CHTP. The program requires completion 5 levels of holistic studies (including 100 continuing education hours plus 100 additional hours of clinically-documented and reviewed practicum sessions). The Intuitive Energy Wellness modalities range from ancient Far Eastern and Native American practices to modern techniques from Physicians and NASA Physicists. With this unique combination of scientific, professional, and holistic training, Ann's sessions have helped hundreds of people and animals feel greater positivity, pain relief, reduced stress, and reconnection.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and safety precautions, sessions are currently being offered virtually in addition to in person.  All sessions must be booked in advance to reserve a consultation.

Services for Individuals:

  • 30 Minute Session: (Includes clinical biofield analysis, energy chakra balancing, a select biofield therapy, and recommended wellness suggestions.*)
  • 60 Minute Session: (Includes the same services as 30 Minute Session, plus client coaching session and additional energy biofield therapies based upon specific needs.*)

*Intake form will be requested in advance to maximize time together. Email for pricing and scheduling, depending on your specific needs.

Services for Groups:

  • 30 Minute Workshop: $250 (Includes introduction to Intuitive Energy Wellness concepts and two instructional therapies demonstrated for all participants via Zoom.)
  • 60 Minute Workshop: $450 (Includes the same services as 30 Minute Workshop, plus two additional instructional therapies demonstrated for all participants via Zoom--totaling four therapies.)

Times are strictly limited based upon availability and may be customized in content based on group type. 24-hour advance notice must be given to reschedule sessions.

Email Ann to reserve your Individual Session or Group Workshop today!