ALL living things are made from the same, ever-flowing source of energy. Animals, like humans, have chakras (energy centers) and biofields (energy extending off their bodies that may be felt and observed with practice). Animals are able to sense biofields more easily than humans because, especially in Western Societies, we mostly tune out our senses as we grow. Our extra-sensory abilities are still present, and we can reconnect to them with time, education, and lots of practice. 

Ann has always been close to animals. Growing up with elementary school teachers as parents, she was taught to love all creatures as each has an important purpose. As a child, she had horses, chickens, ducks, cats, gerbils, fish, and dogs. As an adult, she enjoyed helping her son who raised reptiles, amphibians, goats, turkeys, and rabbits. Ann practices Intuitive Energy Wellness with all types of animals. She works most commonly with dogs, cats, and horses.

While taking a sabbatical in the jungles of rural Costa Rica in 2017, without access to phone service, Wi-Fi, or even a radio where she lived, Ann became reconnected with the wild animals around her. She wrote about many of the lessons learned from them in the bestselling book, Trust Your Animal Instincts, and believes we can apply them meaningfully in our fast-paced lives.

  • Shed your skin. Snakes shed their skin so they can grow into their potential. It literally holds them back from progress. It also hosts parasites over time, so shedding skin rids it of unhealthy influences that could negatively impact wellbeing. Have you ever allowed the paradigms of the past to hold you back from risking something new? How many parasitic relationships or thoughts have you allowed to get "under your skin"? 
  • Tune In mindfully. Owls can pivot their heads nearly all the way around. Their heads are shaped like satellite dishes, with feathers further angling noise into their ears. They have special adaptations, that work in the dark, to tune in to the things that will bring nourishment and help them thrive. What are you tuning in to? How is it affecting your wellbeing?
  • Open your heart. Scorpions have a tough exoskeleton to protect them from danger. Like a scorpion, many of us build up strong barriers around our hearts and feelings to numb the pain of disappointment, failure, or fear. Have you created barriers between yourself and your intuition? Are there walls protecting your heart from others? 

Meet Max

Hip & trauma work

Max is an adorable beagle from Lexington, KY. He had severe hip trauma from being run over by a car. Upon being adopted and taken to the vet, his injuries involved dislocation that would require surgery. Max was lethargic and didn't move around much. Our sessions identified partial or fully blocked energy flow in his sacral, root, hip, and knee chakras. I balanced and reconnected his electrical flow, then used an ancient Hopi technique to energetically help repair damaged tissue. Finally, I taught his owner how to connect Max's chakras and reduce pain and inflammation so that he would heal faster after his upcoming surgery. Max was visibly able to walk better right away and has since made a full recovery!

Meet Hope

feline asthma

Hope is from Nashville, TN. She displayed asthma that required daily treatments. When I first worked with her, she had blockages in her heart and throat chakras. I balanced her energy flow, then leveraged a technique from Dr. Brugh Joy to help clear the "haze" in her biofield. Over time, her vet validated that her asthma was no longer symptomatic. 

Meet Rudy


Rudy is a handsome westie from Tucson, AZ who has experienced several relocations within the last few years. He is very protective of his owner, sometimes causing nervousness and related disorders. When I was working with Rudy's owner, the dog was able to see each chakra as it activated--following me throughout the session, able to observe activities precisely. I began working with him that day. Rudy loves energy balancing and is very sensitive to changes in his biofield and the energy fields of people around him. Now living in AZ, we work together remotely to balance his energy and help maintain a low stress state of wellness.