Purposeful Transformation: The Future of Work

Positive Change That Drives Sustainable Results 

Every company is transforming, and CEOs agree that the pace of change is accelerating by the minute. Smart leaders also realize that people are transforming, too. There’s no debate that 2020 forever changed the…

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Life After Death is Just Energy Changing Forms

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” Maya Angelou said that. It makes me think of how being around my Grandma Alma…

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Fly Above Negativity by Keeping Your Vibe High

Eagles are capable of flying in very high altitudes where other birds can only dream of going. Their broad wings, powerful lungs, and tough dispositions prepare them to soar above the rest. Being one of the most formidable birds on…

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Amp Up Your Power Anytime, Anywhere, and at Any Age

Use This Fun Activity to Recharge Your Energy Using Your Body’s Own Electricity! 

An event like the coronavirus pandemic can leave our energy levels feeling drained or disconnected. But don’t worry, what you’re experiencing is 100% normal, and we can…

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Need to Find the Answers? Look In the Mirror.

Reflect for a moment on that uncomfy feeling inside. You know the one—the endless influx of emails without enough time to answer, the unhealthy habit that persists, or the pang of regret when thinking about the one who “got away”…

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